November 28th, 2005


argh...question for the collective brain.

My Windows Media player has suddenly started playing everything very slooooowly. I went to look at play speed settings (under enhancements), but it's set at normal, and when I speed up, the sound quality just decreases. Does anyone know what this might be caused by & how to fix it?

four sga recs: minutes, holding, toasters, retrograde

Four and a Half Minutes by the_moonmoth (Rodney/Teyla) My het!OTP in Stargate: Atlantis. I just can't help it. I mean, I don't really see canon for the pairing. In fact, I was recently rewatching some of the early S1 eps when Teyla was introduced and I swear she gives Rodney some outright dirty looks at times, when he comes out with something she thinks is offensive or asinine.

(In fact, almost every character gives Rodney a dirty look or three at some point. If I knew him as a real person I'd probably give him dirty looks too. But because he's not real and he's such a snappish teddy bear, I just think: woobie! So sad.)

But anyway. It doesn't matter. This story makes me see it. It's adorable, endearing, and sweet. And I kick it at your head like a hacky-sack ball so that you can't avoid it. *BIFF*

Care in the Holding by laceymcbain (John/Rodney) I've been meaning to rec this for a few weeks now. This just hit me right in the chest when I read it. When stories are good, they usually have a few basic qualities in common--the dialogue rings true, the characterization is recognizable, the writing is strong. So if I highlight one or two qualities in reccing, it doesn't mean others aren't also there; the same goes for any other stories I might mention, now or ever. I don't even know why I feel the need to say this; it's just a thought I had. Carry on.

Three things stood out for me reading this:

1. This is the Rodney I want Rodney to be. His determination to learn to shoot, his resolve during the bet with Bates, his reaction to Gaul's and Abrams's deaths--this is a deeper shadow side to him that I want to believe is there in canon, unshown to us; another part of his life, with night scenes that pick up when the daylight scenes end.

2. The atmosphere. I felt *there* so intensely, in the armory, and the visuals of the story feel shot in dim light, with shadows. The shadow theme, continued from above. It maintains this feel; it has a definite tone. Quiet and intense.

3. The details. The descriptions of weaponry and shooting technique, and the military masculine posturing--especially when it takes on an ugly note. It all blows me away. I'm almost sulky with envy struck dumb with admiration.

Sometimes You Get Toasters by giddygeek (John/Rodney) This is one of many stories that I read early on when I'd seen less of the show, and am revisiting. I'm even more blown away now. The dialogue in this is uncanny. Every line that a character delivers, I can hear the corresponding actor speaking on my mental TV. I keep re-reading bits to try and figure out how she does that, but haven't yet.

Retrograde by ltlj (Gen) I followed this as a WIP and it's kick-ass. Incredible plot--I can see this as a seasonal arc, four or five episodes long. I can *see it* see it, as if the story was taken from a pile of actual scripts sitting on a table in the SGA writers' room, in sight of David Hewlett passing by in the hall. It's good, good, kissably good storytelling.


Read them all. I'm holding this kitten hostage until you do.