November 21st, 2005


pococurantism à la Monday

Things I'd like to do, the Overly Ambitious Web and Writing Mix:

* Write all my unwritten stories
* Send feedback for all the stories I haven't feedbacked
* Rec all the stories I haven't recced
* Answer all the e-mail I've never answered
* Redesign my Web page

Things I probably will do:

* Try to write a story
* Continue to feedback occasionally and semi-randomly
* Continue to rec stories occasionally and semi-randomly
* Stare now and then at my inbox, suffering daggers of guilt and avoidance
* Take angry stabs at redesigning my Web page every few weeks, then give up in frustration

Meanwhile, iamsab invites people to write things, and not in invisible ink.
Anyone who wants to, and that means all of you, should write us a story about the guy Rodney was in love with and didn't sleep with, or, Rodney trying to learn about the gay from books and porn. Or about John being gay and scruffy. Or about John's hand on Rodney's chest. Or whatever.

It's Monday. It's hard to write on Mondays. But we should, because "Mond" in Ancient means "porn" and of course "ay" means "yes." So, Porn? Yes! Pretend I said that in a very convincing tone that rouses armies to cheer and obey.

I slept almost the entire weekend, ate an entire batch of cookies, got a nosebleed, watched SGA, and had really ignoble fantasies about imprisonment, mine-working, rape, and comfort sex, none of which I starred in. And then I slept some more and came to work and ate a Snickers bar, the candy of shame. And now I have to do some work. Or maybe write something about John's hand on Rodney's chest. Or maybe work. *looks around for a coin to flip*


Is there anything more horrifying than an e-mail hitting your office inbox with the subject line "Mid-Year Review"?! Maybe a spider. A spider hitting your inbox face. *shudder*

Why is LJ so quiet today? Why are people sharing with me their thoughts on Rolexes and Tyrone and wild singles in my area, and advising me that it's time to refill my cashew, but no one is talking about porn? I mean...the good porn.

Monday is not reason enough for this kind of silence!

hey, look.

Major Lorne is on a 2003 episode of SG-1, "Enemy Mine." Nice casting continuity.

I'm so glad that SG-1 parodied itself with the credit sequence of "Wormhole X-Treme." Because man, its credits are such The Cheese. Especially that first shot of Daniel where he turns his head and purses his lips at the camera OMG SO INTENSE AND DASHING. *laughs*

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