November 15th, 2005


Good things of the now

Before anything else, I want to rec a Due South story: Gun, with Occasional Kangaroo by runpunkrun, rec gleaned from lierdumoa. I hadn't read this before. This is so freaking brilliant that I want to grab Punk and swirl and dance with her. *g* It's CANON, only better. Because, slash. It's just uncanny--the voices, the ebb and flow of the station house, the ensemble wackiness, the little touches of magical (sur)realism. I love, love, and adore it.

And my sweetie anaxila made this brief but picturesque post about camels. anaxila has been in India for several months now, and has a whole slew of posts about her visit, with amazing and cool observations--she being an amazing and cool person. I think a lot of you would love these entries (for example, see Being a rock star is not all it's cracked up to be and Ganesh Immersion), so if it sounds like your thing, you should take some time and scroll back and browse there. :)

Beyond this, I seem to have accrued some good karma that has unfolded today. One of the business teams that I support gave me, out of the blue, a Starbucks coffee card to recognize the work I've done for them. And when I took it there and happily got an iced latte, the woman at the counter was this upbeat manager who has recently started greeting me by name. I said to her, "Thank you for that little bunny face you drew on my cup the other day--it was adorable!" And she said: "Well, you're special--you're a very cheerful and pleasant person, and it's noticed and appreciated." *blush*

And on top of all that, I'd just been to visit my new office space: we are moving there in December, and my co-editor and I wanted to see where we'd be sitting. Now first of all, this building--which is just next door in the same plaza--is much nicer. It has glossy wood trim and subtle wall and carpet colors, and light sconces and so on. So, it turns out that my co-editor has half an office, which he totally deserves (and by the way, I'd hate to share an office; give me my space!), and I have a window seat with a view. Not just a window seat, though: I have a large cul-de-sac area with a frosted screen that's attached to the wall and folds out like a wall. I have big-ass windows and one gunmetal-grey wall that's a whiteboard, and IT'S SO COOL. Worst-case scenario if I jinx myself is that I end up cheek-and-jowl with some loudmouth whose obnoxious phone calls and hyena laugh float over the screen to drive me insane, but I'm going to be optimistic. *g*

I'm feeling a bit better recently, and getting work done at the office, but since the new med can't have kicked in yet, it might be because of the semi-illicit Adderall I've been taking. Which isn't a viable longer-term solution. But still...I don't know. I just have to manage my trade-offs for now.

I have more recs to make this week, by the way, but I'm parsing them out so that individual stories don't get lost in the noise.

And I want people to talk to me! I can be very erratic and unreliable about answering comments, and I often feel bad about that, but hey: will you talk to me today? ;) You guys are the mortar between the bricks of my soul! Or, um, something like that.


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because that's what LJ is for...

The other day I suggested that John Sheppard might know dirty limericks, and later I thought, "I wonder if I still have that collection of dirty limericks that I bought for a dollar? OH MY GOD, WHAT IF I DON'T?!" But thankfully I found it. What was I thinking? As if I'd toss a dirty book. A seriously SERIOUSLY dirty book. You're warned.

Collapse )

Well, okay then. Actually I left out the really dirty ones, with the necrophilia and incest and rape, along with quite a lot of silly ones that stretch the form to its breaking point and were probably written by nineteenth-century vicars. The language is often quaint; it's an older book, and very British. There are probably more contemporary ones that soldiers would know. If anyone knows limericks now. Do they? Or is it all dirty jokes and cadences? And cadences may not even be all that dirty these days.

You know, I wish I could get back into the writing groove. Because if my only alternatives continue to be juvenile humor, FreeCell, and the SciFi channel I'm going to lose it.