November 3rd, 2005


Lie to me. Tell me it's Friday...

I thought I'd take a moment to summarize my responses from the story follow-up meme, in case anyone wants to read them without picking through comments.

roquelaure had the audacity dashing valor! to poke at me about noir despite my grumbles. ;) I replied very vaguely here.

A few people asked about In a Dark Time. I followed up here, somehow forgetting the name of my own prior story, which was already called In a Dark Time: Ascension (itself a sequel to the the first IDT story) so I'm not sure what I'd have called the next bit, but there you go. Then I pasted three more copies of notes about it here: one, two, three.

The Woods
A few people also asked about The Woods. I posted a long document of notes about where this was going to go. It remains ambiguous, a direct reflection of my brain at the time. And, er, always.

Throwing Shapes
herself_nyc asked about Throwing Shapes, and I replied with some aimless thoughts.

Thanks for your kind thoughts yesterday. I give everyone sleepy web hugs, like a hedgehog prodded into gratitude.

Meta Me

Sometimes when I post I think for a moment about people who might be newish to reading my LJ, and the assumptions I make about what people know about me, and how I really don't have much in my LJ bio. I do have an LJ meta post, but it isn't about me per se.

So I thought I'd recap me, so that people have some hats and gloves to hang on my userpic and Web persona and writerly voice.

I live in Seattle and I'm a slacker posing as an editor wrapped in the coveted mantle of a Junior Technical Writer. I was born in Maine, grew up in Virginia, went to Penn State, wrote a lot of poetry, got an English degree, moved back to Virginia, worked in a pawn shop and elsewhere, and noticed my thirties looming. I got in my car and moved across country seven years ago.

I'm an alcoholic, staring it down with sobriety, and I also get depressed. I'm currently trying to find a balance of antidepressants and other meds that will work for me.

I came online in 1996, maybe 97. I started out in X-Files fandom, writing slash, and got to know people via mailing lists and irc, and then through occasional visits and cons. My first posted story, found on my poorly updated Web site, was Devil In a New Dress, which is not slash, though I thought it was at the time, because I was young and semi-feral. It's actually a Mulder and Scully friendship story with a hint of UST and a fetishistic twist, and I wish I'd titled it something else because I always forget and call it "Devil in a Blue Dress."

People I've known the longest from online fandom date from that time, and include thete1, spike21, carolyn_claire, debchan, codyne, flambeau, katallison, viridian5, koimistress, theshoshanna, and others who are welcome to headslap me for not being able to place them immediately back in the Late Middle Ages era of net fandom.

I was quite a dork back then--I mean, even more so than now--and if you dig you can find the evidence, but I'm not going to wave it in your face, because *facepalm*.

For a long time the story I was best known for was In a Dark Time, a Mulder/Krycek series. A few years back, when I'd gained some creative distance, I decided that I'd edit out my novice errors and excesses, but I think I punked out after 20-30 pages; I never returned to that project. After that, I think I probably coasted on noir for a while, which I almost always write as "noir" instead of naming it properly--I think because it has loomed so big in my writing life that I need to think about it in the smallest possible terms.

My fandom writing journey: Star Trek > X-Files > Sentinel > Stargate > Buffy > Alias. Almost all of my writing--aside from noir and the occasional offbeat scribble in LJ--is slash. Same goes for my recs. But I'm not a tinhat gun-toting slash separatist. At least no one's said that to my face since I shot the last guy. (WTF is slash?)

Other significant fandoms: Queer as Folk (US), Due South, Invisible Man, Angel, Smallville, Harry Potter, Firefly, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a handful more.

Rare fandoms of mine that have remained pretty constant: The Fugitive, Chasing Amy, Jurassic Park III.

Things, both small and large, that tend to recur in my LJ can probably be figured out from my memories and interests, but off the top of my head: horror and B movies, MST3K, Rodney (recently), Spike (somewhat less recently), random links such as this that I pass on with the insistent pressure of a born-again church lady shoving a pamphlet into your hand, updates on the progress of my laundry, reasons why I'm not writing *even as I write this*, writing (despite what I just said) of a scribbling sort, detailed musings on my fictional kinks that you really don't recall asking me about, hard stuff (posts on drinking & depression & why I haven't done my 2004 taxes yet), and reminders of man's eternal need for a cookie. I talk about myself a lot. Body mass index measurements indicate that I'm approximately 78% navel, which seems to demand downard gazing. Though sometimes while I'm doing that I just shut my eyes and nap.

Opinions: I'm wary of having opinions. I have what I think are obvious ones, like "pro-choice," that go pretty much undiscussed. I have others just as closely held and unlikely to change, which also don't get a lot of air play, like: "Garrison Keillor is one of the best American writers ever, and this should be recognized even more so in another hundred years." I try not to have opinions like that in public though, because I'm afraid that people will feel a need to comment on Why I Am Wrong, and then I'll get disgruntled, the shine taken off my happy. And then I wonder why people seem to tread so carefully around me sometimes. It's hard being me.

The blog I had before LiveJournal is on my Web site.

Major fan-fiction stories are on my site, but I've also posted a lot of writing in my LJ that hasn't made it there. Yet. Most of it is here. However, it's mixed in inconveniently with things like story announcements. (Sorry.) The rest of my offsite writing is my Alias stuff, located here.

My site also includes a lot of Sentinel recs, mostly linking to the squidge archive, which is still going strong, so if you ever get into the fandom, feel free to suck those recs dry.

Gesture in which I vaguely try to offer wisdom and experience to people just wandering into online fandom: Find a niche and listen for a while. Figure out who you like, and then figure out who they like, to widen your circle. Who is sane? Who is charmingly insane? Whose thoughts are shaped like yours? Talk to them. Encourage, in a nonscary way, the social advances of anyone who talks back. Don't be afraid to ask newbie questions, but try google first. Hone your google-fu. With a search like "bnf fan glossary" or "bso fannish glossary" you can usually decode common acronyms. (A fandom glossary. Another.) Ask people to direct you to useful meta communities, and then discover that no one has posted to them in months yay. (However, there are still brilliant resources there, like the Multi-Fannish Meta Newbie Guide.) Also, ask about how to find stories and vids, so that you're not just snacking randomly on whatever comes over your transom. Most fandoms have at least one major, stable archive for stories, along with a handful of LJ fic announcement resources, and possibly vid archives. And after all that, take a nap. And then fly, be free!

Fannish nexuses. People or communities you should friend if you want to feel plugged into a particular fandom or topic, whose LJs serve as pretty good crossroads and brothels meeting places to find stuff--other fans, stories, meta links, news, etc. Not that I'm plugged in. The plug's semi-inserted and possibly not getting power. And actually I can only wave you toward about three things, and only in a general direction that might land you on the same continent--once you hit the beach, you can trudge toward civilization, which may be that fuzzy spot you see in the distance. It could be the capital city of fandom! Or just a trick of light. Anyway, hopefully you're not relying on me for your fannish social life. Ha ha ha! *crawls into a bag*

Just pretend that I put clickable tags on these:

SGA: rageprufrock, z_rayne, seperis, thisisbone, sga_flashfic, sga_newsletter & several 100 more
Vids: tzikeh, laurashapiro, sisabet, killabeeze, vidding
Recs, multifannish: thefourthvine
Life, the Universe, Everything: nestra, shrift, infinitemonkeys, dovil, inapickle

I feel inadequate to the task I just attempted--listing fannish resources, I mean. Maybe people can offer better info in comments, for a wider range of topics and fandoms. Or meme this and spread the joy, the peanut butter, the etc etc. So hungry now. The end.

ETA: But wait, there's more! A few hundred things about me you may not have known. Also, feel free to say hi, and ask questions, such as, "Anna, have you ever wrestled a bear?" And I'll answer with the forthright honesty for which I'm known, by saying, "Yes. I have wrestled a bear. The bear of my soul." And then I'll fling a pearl of wisdom at your eye like a BB and laugh as you weep.

...perhaps it is time for bed....