October 26th, 2005


spam spam spam egg and spam

I mentioned recently that I was thinking about scrawling out my SGA fantasies to date, and was encouraged by spike21, who's apparently been holding me hostage until I posted, though this doesn't seem to have the benefit of keeping me out of my office cubicle. Hmph. Where's the fun in being a hostage if I have to work too? Anyway, as I started to outline these I realized with dawning horror the vastness of my inner fantasy life, and quailed and gave up. Besides, the themes are the same as always. I'm entirely predictable. Slavery, hurt/comfort, rape, muteness, gender switching. Even if I end up writing other stuff, that's what plays in my head.

I have had increasingly detailed dialogue accompanying these storylines over the past few weeks. That's usually a precursor to writing even if it takes months for the impulse realize itself, but I don't feel up to writing SGA. It's daunting. Then again I said that about Buffy, and maybe SG1 too. I always say, "It's fine for other authors, it's just not for me, because the canon is challenging and I'd have to do research and stuff, wah wah, etc." The science intimidates me. I'm constantly amazed in this fandom by the authors who conscientiously tackle the heavy physics and math required to write toward a convincing McKay--and sometimes even Sheppard--and usually end up outstripping canon. I get intimidated when I approach a fandom and all the smart authors are playing cutthroat water-polo in the deep end of the pool. I turn into a wallflower.

Anyway, I'd really like to get back to writing Jack/Vaughn. If I weren't such a wrung-out dishrag right now, I'd do that, but nothing feels doable.

Annnnyway. Lunch.

crack-addled scrabbling

I've decided I'm going to circumvent the historical debate over (mis)usage of the word "drabble" and invent the word "scrabble" to mean short purposeless scribbling of no particular length, because the available alternatives don't quite work for me. "Comment fic" and even "crack fic" more or less imply coherent form, a beginning and an end, and "snippet" suggests that it's part of a larger whole, and that more is coming. (Ha ha ha!) From what I can tell there's really no fannish word for "a jotted bit of crackheaded drivel that will never become anything more than what it is." And I think we need that word.

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You know, sometimes I see a story posted that's all loopy! happy! schmoop! and off-the-cuff, and then the author's LJ mood says: "Cranky." Or, "Blank," or "Depressed." And sometimes I think huh but in fact that makes perfect sense when you think about it, and tonight's one of those nights that proves that. :P

But I'm not going to give plaintive little mewling cries tonight. I'm just going to huddle in my bathrobe and watch the worst possible TV I can find and think chocolate and popcorn thoughts. And it occurs to me that while I'm doing this, you could all be writing me comment fic scrabbles! About Girl!John and Femme!Rodney, and slavery and wacky misunderstandings! Not that I'm requesting it. I'm, let's say, *inviting* it. It's merely a suggestion, a strenuous suggestion made with a faint tremor of strain in my hoarse voice (*small sickly cough*), and a mad, pointed gleam in my haunted, shadowed eyes.

This could work, she thinks. Show them the kitten. Make them all stare at the kitten. See the kitten. Feel the guilt. Feel the compulsion. You are falling under the spell of the kitten....