September 22nd, 2005


I post because I can.

Ambien last night: I went to bed at eight and slept until sevenish this morning. I feel better, but then I follwed my doctor's instructions and denied myself Adderall. Now at work, I'm awake but aimless.

I offer my thought of the day, found at one of my new favorite sites,

Google image search is my best friend. Through it I also found this directory of VERY LARGE images of England's Lake District, many of which are stunning and make great wallpaper.

I have also been directed to a web site of dogs dressed as bees, but you don't need to see that. They just don't have enough dogs yet. Though I suppose if you were inclined to dress your dog as a bee and send the photo to them, the link would be useful. Let me know. I'm willing to change my mind here.