August 26th, 2005


I think kangeiko wins...

Carrie Bradshaw / Jack Bristow - "And then I realised: we weren't having sex in his ex-wife's metaphorical shadow. We were having sex in her actual shadow. And I wondered: is it ever okay to run out of the hotel room without paying the bill when someone's pointing a gun at your head?"


sin in my mouth

I am eating the soft, moist, chewy flesh of Satan, who was apparently created in the image of a chocolate almond sweet roll.

ETA: Telepathic message to Cubicle Guy: the smell of your Cup of Noodles ramen three times a day, every day, will eventually result in your death at my hands. You must choose between the noodles and me. You have five seconds! 5...4...
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not to mention a swallow carrying a coconut

I've reached new lows of productivity. You know the saying "lower than plankton"? (E.g., "With his popularity lower than plankton on the food chain, President Bush had to do something dramatic...") I didn't realize that it derived from something meaningful.

So, yeah, my productivity today is so low that it has settled to rest among the foraminifera.

Cracked icon pairing:
Brian Kinney / QAF + Dale Cooper / Twin Peaks

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Things that have made me happy in the last few days

I'm pretending that this is a meme, stolen from movies_michelle. This could easily get lost among the flow of spammy posts I've been making today, but I hope not, because these are cool little pegboard thoughts, and besides, I'm sure there must be some people out there like me who sit around most Friday nights, idling back and forth between the computer and the TV and the kitchen and that spot in the middle of the living room where you always seem to end up standing motionless and staring off absently into space.

Anyway. These are quotes from some of my favorite LJ posts from the last few days, not including stuff I've already posted about and not including icon crackfic memeage, because that would go on forever:

coffeeandink, a new icon.

minim_calibre, notes on a baby milestone:
Previously on Baby, I mentioned that infants are, in fact, mini frat boys. The love of boobs, the constant drinking, the puking so they can have more to drink...

kormantic, a BtVS/SGA crossover bunny:
Willow and Ford bond about detox, and Willow and Zelenka become great friends discussing wormhole physics and why magic isn't always so reliable on planets with different magnetic poles and atmospheric ionic charges. ...meanwhile Giles and Elizabeth make out. A lot. And Willow sort of remembers boys again and transfers her Giles Crush on to Zelenka, who demurs charmingly, reminding her that he's so much older than she, and she'll pout and say, "If Buffy can date a guy 200 years older at 16, I'm pretty sure I can date someone 20 years older at 22!" and then there will be shy fuzzy bespecatcled kisses and ::heart::.

aerye, a Due South porn primer:
See RayV. See RayK. See Diefenbaker. RayV and RayK are boyfriend and boyfriend.

koimistress, a textual dream:
Now there's one. He sits up in bed and listens, waiting for the tick of this alien watch, waiting for the beat of his heart.

runpunkrun, words on index cards:
Adverbs that are good for irony or humor: deliberately, weakly, secretly, tiredly, vaguely, merrily, strictly, darkly, distressingly, abruptly, weirdly, thoughtfully, miserably, pointedly.

movies_michelle, travel discoveries:
"I don't know whether to feel better or worse that they're wanding the nun."

SGA instarec: Lingual by Nestra (Rodney/Ronon)

Sometimes the best rec is just to:

- Wave a hand feebly in the direction of the story
- Sit carefully down on a chair and breathe until the blood begins to return to your head
- Wait for the hyperventilation and dizziness and whimpers of squee to pass
- Discover that you're still rather speechless
- Give up on words and jab a finger impatiently toward the story
- Stagger to your bunk

That's my excuse for being inarticulate, anyway.

(You might think that writing a 75-word rec is articulate, but you'd be wrong. Accept your wrongness! Move on!)

(Also, I'd like to note that I made puppy eyes at Nestra and convinced her the world was in jeopardy if she didn't write this story, so keep that information in mind for your own extortion attempts.)

How many posts is this so far today--17, 42, 64?

Oh my god, I'm just going to get a monkey and give him this computer.

bed now