August 17th, 2005


Who is Me?

For what was actually a work-related task, I googled for image examples. I randomly picked the word "me." There are some interesting self-portraits out there. Obviously most aren't really self-portraits, but it's funnier to me that way. *g*

* The bunny ears are fine, dude, but the (large)
* Love me, love my pig. (Awww.)
* Every day is a face-palm day.
* Bill has a lot of time on his hands these days. (large)
* Shakespeare does not make this okay.
* You know this picture is on the Internet, right?
* Do you know a Rodney McKay?
* But which one?
* Wow. Child prodigy. (large)
* Me, too.

four fingers of songs

I had some luck recently finding songs I wanted on rare thing since they changed to their new format. These are all MP3s, even. ;)