August 16th, 2005


thoughts on weight, weight loss, fitness, and health

I've been thinking about this post for a while. Weight and weight loss (or fat and fatness) can be a hot-button issue, so caveat lector behind the cut-tag. When I weighed more than I do now, I'd more often read articles and essays on weight--headlines and subject lines jumped out at me--that churned up ambivalent thoughts. Sometimes I'd feel as if I'd read an article at "the wrong time," a time when I didn't want to think about the subject in a personal way.

Actually I still have ambivalent thoughts, which are behind the cut-tag, but on the whole what I'm saying here is, losing weight has made me happy, and if that seems like a bone-picking topic, please don't feel like I'm goading you to click. I'm just talking my thoughts.

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letters to the universe

Dear God,

You misheard me. I said that I liked the Charlie's Angels remake, not that I wanted a Charlie's Angels make-over. You are no longer allowed to play with my hairdryer.

Love, Anna


Dear Sister Waxing of No Mercy,

When I said I wanted my eyebrows "thinned", implicit in this request was a wish that my eyebrows would still exist afterwards. In some form. My apologies for not being explicit. I realize it's a nuance. The vestigial lumps above my eyes make an interesting statement, though. Such as, "I was playing with the flamethrower again."

Yours, Anna


Dear Godiva,

I lost my soul to Satan through the temptation of chocolate. Please reimburse me for the cost of one (1) soul, in the amount of $100 billion dollars and the boundless joy of an infinite afterlife. If I don't hear from you by end of day tomorrow, my lawyers will be in touch.

Sincerely, Anna




Not only do I want to answer the comments on this morning's post, I *will* answer them! But not tonight. I'm feeling a little dopey and sleepy. I'm feeling up dwarves!

As you can see. Dopey. Loopy. And Terrance. I don't know how he got in here.