August 11th, 2005


the ultimate purposeless post

Just because I want to talk to the world. Or, you know me, possibly just at the world.

I woke up nauseous and exhausted today, having never fallen asleep and having resolved not to take Ambien. Well, that was dumb. I stayed home from work and slept and slept. This is one of those dips in the graphic display of my life.

sherrold came over to watch SG-1 and SGA last night, but the tape I'd recorded them on was fubar. I felt like a bad host, as if I'd promised heroin but found that I only had baby powder in the fridge. Pretend I didn't just make that analogy. She'd even brought sandwiches. I did give her a potholder with a scantily-clad woman on it, though, and I feel sure that made up for everything.

[edited to remove useless YSI links]

Meanwhile, I've been thinking again of products, generically speaking, that as a consumer I support. I open myself with benign goodwill to eye-rolling at the banality of it all. Pro:

* panty-liners
* deodorant
* ice cubes
* scissors
* lint-rollers
* shredders
* bubble bath
* baskets
* self-adhering envelopes
* extension cords

Things which frequently disappoint me:

* light-bulbs: designed to fail
* nail polish: gummy too soon
* lip balms: why are my lips MORE chapped?!
* air-fresheners: only if I want my air to smell like the flowery fields of HELL

I feel better for having gotten that out of my system.

Last night all I could think of was Rodney singing karaoke. I'm a weird human being.