August 9th, 2005


god, drugs, iTunes, random musing.

Sometimes I have questions and comments for God. Sometimes he answers. Here are some of the things we discussed today:
Anna: "Our Father, who art in heaven, I'm hungry."
God: "Thou mayest have those doughnuts, my child."

Anna: "Oh my God, that woman's outfit, wtf?!"
God: "Two words: free will."

Anna: "Do you really move in mysterious ways?"
God: "It's actually Jazzercise. A lot of people make that mistake."

Anna: "Why pigeons, anyway?"
God: "No comment."

Anna: "Is gay sex a sin?"
God: "Not if you're doing it right."
Preliminary verdict: Ritalin is nowhere near as effective as Adderall. Stupid blood pressure.

Why didn't I know I could install iTunes at work? ROCK ON.

Random Musing
What if I had been named "Fiona"?