August 8th, 2005


zombies, fire, actors

I saw a zombie this morning. He had the vacant gaze of the damned, and was lurching, shambling, staggering, arms splayed, legs jerking. This wasn't the disordered movement of someone drunk or disabled, and I didn't fall for that. This is always how it starts. You see one zombie and dismiss it as something else, and then one day you walk into a semi-deserted supermarket and one of them shuffles up to you and eats your neck.

TIP: Watch out.

In other news, I was lighting matches last night for no reason, as one does, and dropped one on my bare thigh, and then gave a comical girly scream and brushed it off before I could set myself on fire. Because thighs are flammable.

TIP: Take care of your thighs, and only light things on fire that are meant to flame.

I hope I don't mess with anyone's head, but I have to share my actor confusion. For a long time I couldn't visualize Michael Shanks's face because I always overlaid it with Ben Browder's. I've gotten over that, I think. But now I have a problem where I often envision David Deluise (Samantha's "Pete") instead of David Hewlett. IT'S SO ANNOYING. DH has a much more distinctive face, more animated and expressive, and far, far more lovely. This problem interferes with the satisfactory progress of sex scenes.

TIP: Do not go now and find a photo of David Deluise. Why would you do that to yourself? It might be catching.

having just gotten off the crosstown bus

I give you eliade's guide to useful everyday acronyms.

OMGIRIM - Oh My God, It Really Is Monday
STFU - Shut The Fuck Up
NRSTFU - No, Really, Shut The Fuck Up
WDIGOTBA? - Why Did I Get On This Bus, Again?
WDIBMiPA? - Why Didn't I Bring My iPod Again?
GTBMS - Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
STGDS - Stop That Goddamn Singing
PHMIBPFTE - Please Help Me, I'm Bleeding Profusely From The Ears
GAFMYF - Get Away From Me, You Freak
DDD - Die Die Die
IKRSB? - Is Killing Really So Bad?

memeage: 20 emotional tv moments

Meme acquired from miggy, who snagged it from sarkastic, who begat Isaac, who begat Jacob, etc etc. They did *much* better (1) versions (2), with great photos and detailed summaries. I, some sentences....

There are so many spoilers in all these posts for already-aired shows that I'm not going to call out specific warnings--except for last season's Alias finale in my own post, so don't click if you don't want to go there.

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