August 6th, 2005


not bad.

I have lounged. At 4:00 a.m. last night I gave up tossing and turning and took half an Ambien, then slept until noon. Then I thought about going to the gym. Then I lay in bed for four more hours. I napped on and off until 4:00 p.m., when my delivery pizza arrived. I ate half of it while watching TV. After that, I logged on and read my flist, including SGA commentary and stories. Now I'm going to go leave the apartment at last and have some cookies. Then watch some more TV.

Oh, and I had to go back to the office last night for two hours, because it turned out I couldn't do some time-sensitive work from home on dial-up. So my lazy Saturday rests smugly on a sense of accomplished virtue.

You're all green-pepper colored with envy, aren't you. There were peppers on my pizza.

After watching SGA last night I had a whole post bubbling in my brain, breathless squee punctuated by ambivalence. But now it's Saturday and I think that the window during which I could have formed words has possibly closed.

Just now I was watching "Guarding Tess." I hadn't seen that in years. It still cracks my shit up. And it has such a different and amusing relationship focus from run-of-the-mill movies that I get totally caught up even though it wouldn't normally be my thing. It's all just so intelligent and funny and good--and then turns out to have these angsty human elements. But good angst, like fan-fiction type angst, not stupid Hollywood crap "angst." It totally has that indefinable fan-fiction vibe. Well, it's probably definable, but again, it is Saturday and I am lazy and in pursuit of cookies.