July 27th, 2005


It is aliiiiive!

I appreciate all you guys worrying about me--it's very sweet, though if I were dead in my apartment with my corpse turning into a breeding ground for blowflies, it'd be a little late. Still, that has nothing to do with you, that's just my own personal worry. At least I don't have pets. Pets quickly get hungry, which would be bad for so many reasons if I were lying dead on the floor of my apartment.

For the last few weeks I've just been hanging out, adjusting to Adderall, focusing hard at the office, working out whenever I have energy, avoiding sugar, coming off my six-month plateau and losing weight again, watching mostly lame movies, reading lame novels, getting my period and sleeping for sixty years, listening to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" while imagining McKay/Sheppard, mourning that I'm not writing Jack/Vaughn at the moment because I have no vim, and vaguely reminding myself now and then that I should post in LJ but having nothing much to say.

I've also read a lot of great SGA fic while failing to feedback or rec it; have lost my Harry Potterish glasses and reverted to wearing my old ones; gotten my hair done; thought more about Mulder than I've done in a long time; and had a freakish dream last night about the persecution of alternate sexualities and the possible end of the world. There was also a flying man with a breast growing out of his back.

How are you guys?