July 8th, 2005


I know I walk in and out of several worlds every day.

Today's subject line is by Joy Harjo, from the Inspirational Quotes Generator for Writers. My other option was from the Homer Simpson quote generator, which gave me, "Life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead." But I decided against that one.

I've been nose to the grindstone all week, getting things done at work and feeling good about it. When not grinding, resting. I'm inarticulate on the topic of London, except to extend good wishes to everyone there.

Today is my 90th day of sobriety. I must find a coin. Though the Ruling Ring ring of sobriety also is also making me happy.

I cast my boringness on the waters of LJ. Soon I hope to be back to smut and fan-fiction recs.