July 4th, 2005


A pretty good Monday, but no crumpets.

It's the Fourth of July and The Crumpet Shop isn't open. This reminds me of college, where my favorite café was always closed on holidays, just when I needed it most. Bah.

God, my last post was random. I'm just going to carry on in that vein.

1. You know how guys wander around with the waistband of their jeans down to their knees, their boxers showing? I've always wondered what the origin of that ridiculous fashion trend was. Now I know:
"He was jailing, jeans at low tide in that cool lockup look of six inches of pastel undershorts showing. The fashion statement got started in jail when inmates had their belts confiscated so they wouldn't hang themselves or someone else." -- Patricia Cornwell, "Hornet's Nest"

2. I watched Twister a few days ago. I apologize to anyone who loves it, but dude, it was not what I'd remembered. It sucked. The only good points were the special effects, and: "Cow."

3. I recently jotted down a list of het movies I've liked. I think I once made a shorter, similar list, but hey, I plagiarize myself with wild abandon. In looking at the movies below, I see a few trends. My things are apparently: unconventional relationships; hurt/comfort and caretaking; and snark. This seems to mirror what I like about m/m ships.

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4. I've been lonely the last several days, and tired, and apparently hyperventilating, though I don't feel panicky or anything. And, from overexercising, I've been too tired to write, which--given the fact of a three-day weekend--really kind of sucks. But oh well.

In odd moments, I've been trying to focus and capture moments where I realize I'm alive and that I should treasure my "once around" life. It's difficult. I need to be sitting on the edge of a marsh, or a quiet beach, breathing the salty air, watching the water comb the shore. I need to take a week off sometime rather soon (*waves to koimistress*).

For now, I am going to breathe and try to resist the siren call of the couch.