June 27th, 2005


So as I was sayi--ohhh, shiny!

I went this morning for my follow-up on ADD testing. During his preliminary assessment, the doctor had been skeptical that I had it, but after review and some computer testing today, he's fairly positive I do. He was initially thrown off, I think, by the fact that I did well in college. He seemed hung up on that. But many other things matched up. I personally wonder if the symptoms were masked by depression.

Anyway. I have a medication review tomorrow. Am curious to see if they'll chage or add something.

Today, at work, I work. And on breaks will try to answer some recent comments.


Oh my god! I have changed my default LJ icon! Do I dare to eat a peach?

ETA: Thought for the day. Because aren't we all at some time or another separate from our cheese?

ETA2: And now I wonder if circe_tigana is right. Maybe this icon *is* too serious. *broods* It stares at me with its dark big eyes, it does.

I want to amuse you.

If you shot your pistols at me, I'd try to dance. Thank god guns can't penetrate the virtual space of the Internet. There's already too much penetration. I object to it. All that throbbing, moist, moaning penetration. It's just so sick sick sick, incredibly sick, and so distracting through these thin walls.

But really, I'm boring and tired. At work today, I worked. I felt relieved to be getting stuff done. It wasn't the most productive day *ever*, but it was about 1000% more productive than I've been lately. Though if you multiply zero by 1000%--no, screw math.

Brain is tired. Because I can't make words do creative things, my new writing technique will simply be to pick random words from the dictionary and string them together. This, then, is an excerpt from the next chapter of J/V:

"Headwater," minicab synkaryon. "Green pepper?"

Hooligan sewing circle, repeal pheasant phlebitis--levant arroyo. Cestus flagman, likewise, lily-livered, matzo volva vomer. "Starlit star-nosed mole, macrophyte magdalen." Loupe lubricity hogweed. "Fuller's earth," electrokinetics elbow grease.

"Moa mizzenmast," Urbanism sclerotia.

"Prismatic forelock housewifely!" Jess millet my ordination. "Pulvinus puma puff adder!"

Monoacid exaggerate evening dress.

I know you're on tenterhooks. I promise to have more of that really soon.

In other news, I decided that this icon was too solemn to be my default icon. I've switched back to the usual. I've had merely a brief fling with Potter, something that legions of others can also claim, so I can't even pretend I'm special. But he's pretty, so I'll be taking him out now and then.