June 25th, 2005


I mean, really.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I declare this Saturday a 2. I just woke up ten minutes ago, but already I can tell. The maid didn't bring in my breakfast tray on time, and when she finally staggered up the stairs, the toast was cold. I fired her, of course, but the delicate balance of my day was already jarred. After I rose and drew on my dressing gown--there was a tragic piece of lint on one sleeve that I had to flick off with one pale pink fingernail and a shudder, while averting my eyes--I wandered to the balcony and threw open the French doors and saw in horror that the groundskeeper hadn't begun mowing. It was past eight already, and the smell of freshly-mown grass wasn't there to greet me! I fired him, of course. And then had one of the servant boys start in with the hand-mower. "Take off your shirt!" I called when he neared my window. He was no Brad Pitt, but the results were adequate.

I'm not even going to talk about my morning bath, except to say that I didn't let it crush my will to live, but instead bravely kept my chin high and blinked back my tears and swept grandly onward into my Saturday.
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because you should always take me with a grain of salt...

A partial list of the bargain-basement videos I've bought and watched in the last two months. Some of which are sins of taste, all of which I'd seen before:
  • Charlie's Angels -- loved
  • All Jurassic Park movies -- loved
  • All the Friday the 13th movies -- loved
  • Con Air -- loved
  • Deep Impact -- watched while hating myself, cried at the ending
  • From Hell -- Depp pretty
  • Clay Pigeons -- loved
  • Twister -- haven't (re)watched yet
  • Regarding Henry -- watched half of it, got bored
  • The Ninth Gate -- Johnny Depp, Lena Olin, Frank Langella, shut up!
  • The Island of Dr. Moreau -- but only played it muted as background visuals while typing, so will not go to hell
  • Unbreakable -- haven't (re)watched yet
  • L.A. Confidential -- haven't (re)watched yet
  • Child's Play 3 -- watched 20 minutes, vaguely hating self, lapsed into coma, stopped
  • Best in Show -- haven't (re)watched yet
  • Waiting for Guffman -- watched a third of it, began to feel deeply for the patheticness of humanity, had to shut it off

Movies I would have bought if I could have found them: Dreamcatcher, Nick of Time. Movies I rented: Boogeyman, Exorcist: The Beginning. (Both surprisingly good.) Movies I already owned and rewatched: Manos: The Hands of Fate, Halloween, most of Eye of the Beholder, all the Scream movies.

I'm really not an intimidating person, you must admit. --> *unsecret identity is dork*

Alias on DVD

Anyone really keen to own all of Alias? They're selling used copies of all three seasons of Alias in the Half-Price Books near my apartment. (To be clear, there's only one of each of them.) With tax, it'd be $113 for all three sets. I'd check them to make sure they don't have any egregious scratches and (if they pass inspection) ship them to you free. You can PayPal me the cost of the DVDs themselves.

The one thing is that if there were any problems playing a disc/episode or two, a return wouldn't really be feasible (I think it's 7 days, so...). But I've never had problems buying stuff from them.

If anyone's *really* interested, let me know! "Serious offers only." ;)

ETA: Hmm. You can get all 3 seasons new on Amazon.com ("An Amazon.com exclusive") for just $145, with free shipping and probably no tax depending on where you live. For only $30 more, new is probably a much better deal. Oh well. :)

ETA2: And on deepdiscountdvd.com, it looks as if all three season sets add up to $133.