June 15th, 2005


can it be Monday again?

Wednesday is my one-on-one day with my manager, where I have to come up with persuasive evidence that I've been doing my job to the best of my abilities. This week, I have two hours and ten minutes in which to prepare that evidence before the meeting.

I thought I'd sent my latest J/V writing to my work account as an attachment, but it's...not here. That's disconcerting. It didn't get spam-filtered. Wouldn't it be awful if I sent it by accident to a different but still valid company account? It seems unlikely, but I will worry about this now all day. Plus, I can't post anything. Which is probably for the best, because it forces me to focus on work. But where's the fun in that?

You know, my life could be worse. I could have stumbled across evidence of a global criminal organization and been targeted for assassination and been saved only by posing as a heroin addict in a well-publicized bust, thereby losing my well-paying job and being forced to fill salt shakers for friends.


Good morning.

the girl gets fannish.

Isn't that a cheesy subject line? I celebrate my dorkitude. I see that there's a meme going around for that, but I probably don't need to do it, because you already know all the other reasons I'm a dork, which include shipping Jack/Vaughn. That covers the remaining four bullet points and then some, I think.

A kind, kind person has sent me S1 Stargate Atlantis DVDs and I can't wait for them to arrive! *squeeish* Another kind person just gave me all the new Doctor Who eps up to the finale for me to watch. So that'll be cool. And I'm sloooowly rewatching what I've seen of Odyssey 5 before I begin watching the eps I haven't seen, which were...also sent to me...by someone very kind. *cough* I'm such a mooch.

I've been thinking, again, that I might be ready to watch Angel S5, but the thing is. Um. I might be done writing in the Buffyverse, which is the reason why I might feel sane enough to watch it.

*is immediately defriended by several hundred people*

At least, I don't see myself writing anything any time soon, except maybe some tsunami stories that I have left to do. I haven't checked that list in a while. *GUILT* And I should probably make it more clear that the Noir is looking like it's on permanent "hiatus." I will try to put a note up on my site and all that. Though I've been avoiding my site because it irritates me so much these days with its lameness and staleness. It seems such a big hairy piece of old laundry to tackle, covered with dustbunnies.

I did some work today, I took some vitamins, I ate some Red Vines, I drank some coffee, and I put lipstick on several times.