June 14th, 2005


just wanted to say...

A quick thank you for comments on my recent post--the one about the stuff. Yeah. I hope to answer comments, but despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage. And rats...have no computers with which to post in LJ.... Um. Scrap that analogy.

But thank you. Also, I ordered some more vitamins. They'll be here tomorrow. I'll let you guys know what happens, because I know some of you are particularly interested in finding out whether it works.


insta!rec -- SGA

kormantic has posted a short SGA story (M/S). My reaction to seeing a story from kormantic is like when a dog hears the key in the front door and it's been months since she's seen her owner--or maybe hours, but she's a dog, so that's dog years--and she's like: *RUNNNN!!!* with some wild *SCRABBLE SKITTER* across the slippery hall tiles and then there's leaping and insane barking and frantic licking of love.