June 2nd, 2005



You guys are kind and generous. I felt all facepalmish after my feedback post, which was like a little explosion of caffeinated neurosis. But my want is driven by a proselytizing passion. You know how it is when you glom onto a weird, niche fandom/pairing--you crave readers, but also more (other) writers.

Yeahhhhh. Yep. There you go. I knew I could come up with an excuse for diva-like behavior. I bow, thank you, thank you. Let's hope that it will be considered a fluke, an anomaly, completely uncharacteris--BOW DOWN BEFORE ME, YOU SCURVY DOGS! Er. Hey. Did I say that out loud?

You know in Bull Durham, how Crash says, "a player on a streak has to respect the streak." Even if it means wearing a garter belt. Which wouldn't bother me. But I'm getting annoyed by the repetition of my shortcut titles. The Title. The Repetition. The Other Title. The Repetition. The Thing. The Next Thing. The Repetition. But maybe I should stick with it, so I don't break the writing streak. Then again, maybe I'll call the next one "Noodles."

I need to work, I need to write, I need a doughnut, I need ten million dollars, I need love.

ETA: Doughnut Day. Hee.
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