June 1st, 2005


Feedback Whining Amnesty Day

I want there to be one of these, so I can beg and caper and wheedle and cry like a little bitch and ask for more feedback, MORE MORE MORE.

And not look horrendously, self-embarrassingly tacky.

Like I do right now. *cough*

Yes, but. So. In the spirit of this annual day, which I've made up and offer now as a blow to the collective pool of fannish good manners, if you know I've read a story of yours and have *not* commented on it, or have not commented *enough*, beg! Beg! And I will answer fulsomely.

And in turn everyone reading this must (a) buy all the Alias DVDs, and (b) read all my Alias stories, and (c) leave a 1000-word comment.

I think that's fair.
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