May 25th, 2005


a quick note re Alias spoilers

Just FYI, I'm actually a month behind on watching Alias, so please don't put any spoilers in comments until I let loose a squee on recent episodes. I'll be sure to label my posts clearly. :)

Also, the J/V story was finished with the last post and I just realized I didn't mention that anywhere--so #17 was the last and if you were waiting for it to be done to read it all, go for it. I'll also put up a full html version on my site, probably this weekend. Or next year. 2010. You know.

I am sleepy and doing work from home on my laptop. Which kind of bites, but it's my own fault so I'm trying to assuage the pain with salt-and-vinegar chips. It's kind of working. Except for how I am sleepy.