May 9th, 2005


messages from the misguided

On my car this morning I noticed an envelope tucked under a windshield wiper. Inside was the torn-off front cover of a book by Alistair MacLean, The Golden Rendezvous. On the back was written this note:
Sea, Anna (sp?):

We're both busy but its sunny now and we should hang out.

XO Nick [phone number]

P.S. The roof of the laundrymat is clean and nice.
What's weird is that it was my car. And I am Anna. And (a) that name is not on my building directory, and (b) there's no way to connect me to my parking space either. Perhaps needless to say, I know no "Sea" or "Nick."

Perhaps friendly aliens.

bumblebee catastrophe boltzmann angel clot bosom

Such is my spam. And so I give you...spam.

Share your spam? Make my first day back at work less...worklike.

Also, the first person to rec a good Jack/Vaughn story to me gets a thousand dollars. Imaginary dollars, with which you can buy virtual cookies. But still. You get the wealth of my love.


I seem to have a thing for characters named Jack. Jack Sparrow, Jack Bristow, Jack O'Neill. Then there's Jack Davenport; I'm just going to pretend he's a character.

Someone should write a crossover story called "Playing Jacks" that includes all of them. Or "Cracker Jacks." Or you could poke half their eyes out and call it "One-Eyed Jacks" and set it in the Twin Peaks universe.

So bored. So lost in the universe. So nearly three o'clock.

"Die, cuckoo clock, die!"

I found the Invisible Man episode I'd been searching for--the one where Arnaud infects Darien with the freaky flu and later kidnaps him, taking him to his idyllic hideaway. There is quicksilver madness and snarky banter and slashiness. And this--

Valt: "You better hold your tongue."
Darien: "Why don't you hold it for me, bitch."

Darien then kicks him hard in the balls, and says to the other guy: "Bring it on..."

And after that he backhands the Keeper and throttles Arnaud for a while, lifting him right up off the ground to dangle by the throat, and then scarily tells the Keeper off, and then obediently trashes the house. Hence the subject line of this post.

This is also the ep where Darien comes this close to saying "Motherfucker!" on network TV--well, cable, but a networky sort of cable. I still can't believe they let him get the word that far out. Is that legal? Hee.

Easily one of my favorite IM eps ever--called "Diseased," by the way. Now if I could only find the original quicksilver madness one.