May 8th, 2005


Sunday is 48 hours long, right?

There's nothing like sleeping twelve hours to...really make you feel kind of disoriented and hungry.

In random movie observations: Peter MacNicol in Ghostbusters 2 is freaking hysterical. Sometimes cable TV has a moment or two of life in it. Also, the third Friday the 13th movie--the one they did in 3D--is perfect for crap horror watching. I like identifying all the effects that would have originally been in 3D. And of course watching people die.

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These people doing the Pepto-Bismol dance on my TV are creepy. It's important that you know this!

That is all.

evil GIP

Photoshop gives me the love.

I want people to tell me what to do. Should I have popcorn or chocolate? Iced tea or Diet Coke? Should I watch Twister or Unbreakable? Should I do laundry or not?

The clock! Is! Ticking down! To Monday.


  • I have dyed my hair completely dark. It grows.
  • In From Hell, Johnny Depp reaches an unearthly degree of beauty. More men should wear eyeliner.
  • I bought two pairs of jeans before I got sick--both of them the lowest size I've gotten down to so far. They struck me as almost too tight when I bought them. A week later they are almost too loose. This has an upside and a downside.
  • In Alias, don't you think Jack and Michael should kiss more?
  • I worked out today for the first time in almost a week. Among other things I shot baskets for an hour and a half. It was relaxing. I discovered that I should balance my weight equally to make more successful shots. I used to list to the right. Also, my feet do not need to leave the ground. I shoot baskets better than Mary Poppins, I'm sure.
  • Pet my liver!
  • Tomorrow I go back to work. I will be quite behind in my projects. Still. More so. *facepalm* GYEAHHHHHHH.
  • SciFi is a channel I often watch on mute while doing other things. Earlier I noticed that Greg Grunberg was in Hollow Man--and so was Joey Slotnick (Haladki). Right now, Ron Rifkin is emoting in Dragonfly. This is truly of no interest to me. But I report it anyway. Every detail of my life must be captured for posterity! Every random thought! Such as:
  • There are no raccoons outside my window.

    I really am this spacey.