May 5th, 2005



So I see I've hit a record friends mark today--for my own LJ, I mean--which is kind of weird because at the moment I feel like I'm much more unfannish than usual, and also uncreative in the writing department. Hello, new people. Things you should know about me:

1. I am often sleepy.
2. I don't answer comments as often as I should. My track record on e-mail is even worse.
3. I occasionally swoon ridiculously over freakish pairings like Spike/Lorne and Jack/Vaughn, though I don't have a thing for centaurs like some people I could name, people whom I'm not at all mocking, wait, yes I am. Mocking with great sniffly love.
4. I'm a work in progress.

Today I am still sick. I have another doctor's appointment because it's pissing me off, feeling like crud for a solid week. To medicate myself, I've been reading more of astolat's SGA fiction, which is the wow of my week. (I just read "Oblivious"--amazing grace and greatness.) These stories are giving me happiness times ten, even though I think at the moment I may have a fever which makes happiness a challenge.

I crawl toward my bed, waving goodbye to all you cool lovely Internet people.

SGA Rec: Transcendental (M/S)

How is it possible for a story to be this this rich, this hot, this blazingly smart? It's like a billionaire supermodel with an IQ of 190. If I didn't love it so much I'd cry and never write again. Actually, I'll probably need about six months to recover from the brilliance of this before I can write another word of anything.

Transcendental by astolat

mmm. gay.

I bought a bunch of clearance dollar videos at Half-Price Books to while away the time on my Couch of Sickness. I got In & Out, the movie where Kevin Kline's character, Howard, is outed on national television, throwing his life topsy-turvy.

They just got to the scene where he's listening to the masculinity self-improvement tape and "I Will Survive" starts to play and he's supposed to resist dancing to it (Tape Man: "Truly manly men do not dance." -- Howard: "Oh, come *on*!"), but he ends up boogying crazily around his house. I love that scene. When I first saw it years ago I actually cried a little; it really moved me despite the fluff of it all--seeing this man break out of his false straitjacket and feel joy in himself. I love Kevin Kline of course. He is a god.

Such is my afternoon as it segues into evening. Pop culture and codeine-laced cough syrup.

we call this "spam"

Movies whose plots remind me of fan-fiction:

Regarding Henry

At the moment my brain only has a list of two. But you guys could list some, yeah? Please?

ETA: TV reminds me of that Jet Li movie coming out soon, Unleashed, which also looks incredibly fan-fictiony to me.

woman of the year

Representative Senfronia Thompson on gay marriage and other subjects, posted by uniquewonders, pointed to by tabaqui. I am in awe. A quoted excerpt:
So, now that blacks and women can vote, and now that blacks and women have equal rights--you turn your hatred to homosexuals--and you still use your misguided reading of the Bible to justify your hatred. You want to pass this ridiculous amendment so you can go home and brag--brag about what? Declare that you saved the people of Texas from what?

Persons of the same sex cannot get married in this State now. Texas does not now recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions, religious unions, domestic partnerships, contractual arrangements or Christian blessings entered into in this State--or anywhere else on this planet Earth.

If you want to make your hateful political statements then that is one thing--the Chisum amendment does real harm. It repeals the contracts that many single people have paid thousands of dollars to purchase to obtain medical powers of attorney, powers of attorney, hospital visitation, joint ownership and support agreements. You have lost your way--this is obscene.