April 25th, 2005



It's Monday. I'm at work. I'm in my cubicle.

*looks around*

What's the matter with me? I need to appreciate this job, this income, this pure luckiness more than I do. I need to work harder. I realized last night that while I always say I love my job, I don't really. I love the fact that I have this job, but that's different. I'd probably be happier gardening, but that's not a career change I'm qualified for, and on practical merits it probably wouldn't be a smart one either.

The whines of the yuppie class are boring, but they are mine.

assbackwards fannishness.

I find myself reading Stargate Atlantis fan-fiction even though I'm not really watching the show yet. I've probably seen seven hours of it through the frequency of SciFi promo commercials, but it's the same seven hours. Anyway. Make recs to me? I'm into Sheppard/McKay, because I am predictable and they are pretty.