April 19th, 2005


Head Case

Good Salon.com article, Head Case, springboarding off a review of All in My Head to interview the author, and to discuss chronic pain and fatigue disorders. Excerpt:
If you're one of the Tired Girls, you already know what I'm talking about (although you may not have known you belonged to a newly founded identity group). If you're not, then there's probably one or more T.G.'s somewhere in your life -- in your family or your circle of friends. A Tired Girl is that youngish woman, probably in her 20s or 30s, stuck in a cycle of pain and fatigue she may not talk about openly, even with her closest friends. She is known to cancel long-planned social engagements at the last minute, to disappear early in the evening, to oversleep, to spend beautiful Saturdays alone in bed. Like Kamen, she's constantly trying some new drug, some new massage or chiropractic technique, some new combination of Chinese herbs, some new diet.

A Tired Girl may suffer from migraines or depression or chronic fatigue syndrome (now called CFIDS) or fibromyalgia or bipolar disorder or the persistent, mixed-headache syndrome called chronic daily headache (CDH), which is Kamen's diagnosis. It's quite possible she has more than one of these conditions; scientists are now inclined to believe that these ailments (along with epilepsy and other seizure disorders) are related at the neurological level, and people who suffer from one are exceptionally likely to have the others.
(Note: Reading full articles on Salon.com requires a day-pass.)

Help me, I'm trapped in a loveless cubicle.

I rewatched Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid last night. (Shut up.) IMDb.com says that one of the leads, the yummy Johnny Messner, is on The O.C. as Lance Baldwin. I've never watched that show. But he's also on an early episode of Angel, as Kevin in "Lonely Hearts" (#1.2). It could be a one-minute walk-on, but I'll have to rewatch.

Ironically, I bailed on "Hell Bound" (the Spikecentric S5 Angel ep) to rewatch Anacondas. And even paid for the movie again, as I discovered I'd only recorded fuzz the first time. My Spike issues with S5 are apparently big and hairy and fanged.

Bored now.