April 11th, 2005


list of the good

I am celebrating the good. There was also a handful of bad stuff in the last couple days, but I'm going to focus on this:
  • I had a "Vermont" this morning: cream cheese, maple butter, and walnuts on a crumpet. It is weepingly good. I will just say: mmmmmmmmgah.
  • I got some new work-out clothes and I look about fifteen pounds lighter and mucho more muscled in them. I mentioned to my trainer how flattering they were and she pointed out that looking good was a really great incentive to work out, which affirms my intention to go get some more from this line.
  • I shot more basketball this weekend, worked out with my trainer, and while treadmilling I briefly ran six miles an hour on a 6.0 incline, listening to "Sin Wagon." Happy.
  • I got these great amber stud earrings and a kicky beaded bracelet.
  • I had the best chocolate croissant in the history of the world on Saturday and a really great cappuccino too.
  • I lost more weight and my jeans are fitting better.
  • I went to a fannish bash on Saturday and hung out with people I like and saw great vids and ate...er, rather too much, though I can't manage to feel bad about the veal on a stick.
  • I managed to paint my nails. That's always a cause for self-congratulation.
  • I was gifted with samples of expensive moisturizer by a saleswoman and now my face is soft and amazingly lifelike.
Food, shopping, working out, and general thirtysomething girliness. I'm often a very simple creature.