April 4th, 2005


writing memeage

Recently I saw a few people doing an "Out of the Closet" meme, where unfinished WIPs that will never be written were dragged out of the darkness and cast upon the world. This was going to be an X/S human AU with a twist, but today I had a "Who am I kidding?" moment and realized I'm never going to write this.

Collapse )


Right on schedule: crushing exhaustion, chocolate cravings, need for drink, and today--probably the day before the dam breaks--sudden bleak depression that even medication can't overcome. It helps a bit knowing it's biochemical, but I still hate the world right now. I hate people for talking loudly on the bus, for wearing unattractive clothes, for having appointments scheduled with me. I hate my hair for growing out stupidly and I hate whatever agent of fate deprived me of a generous trust fund.

Things need killing!

Also, my focus at work today is for shit. I am just a monkey at a desk.
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