April 3rd, 2005


"It seems like they forgot to have things happen in this movie."

The good news: I found chocolate-covered pretzels at Trader Joe's after a week of craving. The bad news: I ate 50...000. But the good news again: Pretzels. And also I went to the gym today and sweated off at least 25,000 of them. I shot baskets! Both today and yesterday. I loved it. I have a surprising degree of hand-eye coordination even after all these years.

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You know how you want to say stuff but you just can't work up the effort to do so? I finally saw last Wednesday's Alias and it was great. I rewatched to the end of Ultraviolet with sherrold yesterday and it was great. But what do I need to say about any of that? Nothing, really. Marshall = absolutely awesome. Jack Davenport = pretty and angsty.

And in conclusion, chocolate-covered pretzels are crack.