March 26th, 2005



My biggest accomplishment so far this weekend is repairing the chipped polish on my left big toe. I now venture out into the world to let people feed me. I am not quite Mr. Jellybean when it comes to managing food, but most days I am close.

I have a list of things to do today that includes writing and getting an oil change for my car. But it's cold and rainy and cold. And rainy. So I may accomplish the first, but the second is looking dicey. I shirk all things ambitious.

Alias randomness

The emotional responses of characters in Alias seasons 2 and 3 would be a lot more dramatically satisfying if I didn't know that Sloane came back to the CIA in season 4. :-P

Also, Dixon's reactions were crossing the line of credulity even in early S3, given how he accepted Sloane's pardon, freedom, and influence with the CIA. I have to wonder if depths of regret and guilt over Emily have driven him to this passivity--if he unconsciously believes that the universe balanced itself in that wife-to-wife equation, despite his husbandly love.

Sark looks good with his buzzed head. I love the strange civility that influences even his smallest gestures--like, as he's crossing paths with the captured CIA agent midway through their prisoner exchange in Mexico, he sees the NSC Delta Force cars arriving in the distance and pauses, putting his hand out to prevent the agent from continuing. Anything he does has a self-serving tactical angle, but even so the maneuver reads as interestingly thoughtful if not protective, as if he's ready to cut them both off safely from any coming fracas. I don't know what I'm trying to say. Maybe just that from some angles he's opaque. On the other hand, he probably just calculates that the guy could be useful as a shield and bargaining chip. Always the survivor. *g*

ETA: It's sad, isn't it, how I'm only ever commenting on shows years after they originally aired. Three years from now when the rest of you have moved on, I'll probably be enthusing alone about House, Lost, and Stargate Atlantis.