March 23rd, 2005


still-life with afternoon

This is terribly obvious and probably already parsed by someone or many someones, but: Buffy equals Sydney, Angel is Michael, Giles is Jack, Willow is Francie, and Will is Xander. Faith might work for Irina. Spike is of course Sark and I can easily imagine him (Sark) sitting with Joyce in her kitchen, drinking tea and politely discussing art despite his desire to kill her daughter.

Today's fruit-related observation: fresh pineapple chunks are good.

Also, here is a beautiful woman, and here are some more pictures of her.

I flaked out on last night's work-out because, hello, eight p.m. But I got today's rescheduled for 6:00 p.m. I am trying to prepare myself for that exhausted, sweaty, rumpled, and out-of-breath feeling. Yay. ::prods self to invoke more enthusiasm:: YAY!


And in the vein of flambeau: spike spike jack davenport spike sex sex sex coffee or maybe iced tea cake cake cake no! tangerines meeting omg meeting meeting stupid meeting.

LJ ficlets are the downfall of fandom.

It's kind of like if I was too lazy to make you dinner and so I offered you a pear and it was lumpy and tiny and scarred. Maybe. Okay. Not that I really believe that but I can twist myself around to apologize for anything. But I haven't written anything in several days, so I'm sort So! Anyway. Here's an S/R scribble.

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