March 22nd, 2005


link #2 of the day

From, The devil wore J. Crew: "A new book says that sociopaths aren't just Scott Peterson and BTK. They are your neighbors, bosses -- even therapists."
You have one example of a women caught practicing psychology without a license or even a degree, and she did some pretty devastating harm to her patients. She told them that other therapists were lying to them and even sent one man to a locked ward after his therapist had recommended his discharge. How did she react when she was caught?

There was a complete lack of guilt or even embarrassment. After being seriously questioned about it, she walked out of the room as if she had been talking about the weather. She was one of the spookiest people I've ever met. articles are always worth getting a day-pass for.

ETA: Updated with a link because I forgot to post one.


LJ right now seems like one of those vast midwestern skies right before a thunderstorm, all heavy angry clouds and an edge of oncoming rain.

Do you think some people friend other people's LJs just to mock or sustain a dislike of them? My default usage assumption is that people friend people they're interested in and have amicable feelings toward; but I bet there are people out there who keep what are essentially slambooks. Maybe they have two LJs, and one is their friendly one, and the other is a slambook and they pass the LJ flist link around snickeringly and say to friends, "Take a look at *these* freaks."

This is really only abstract paranoia. I'm a little edgy today. Cumulative edginess comprising many dumb wee reasons. I think mostly it's that I'm about to start working out again. I have a session at 8:00 p.m. tonight, which I'm rethinking, because I did want to try and get on her schedule this week, but...yeesh.

My chest is all clenchy. I have a headache. My attention wanders.

Tangerines are good.