March 21st, 2005


I contemplate my toes.

Sometimes you paint your toenails and they look stylin'. Other times, your feet suddenly turn into freakish vestigial flippers with long Gollumy toes and bright red tips. Feet, man. Feet are weird.

I think this may be my only thought today. No, wait--that's two, isn't it.

Alias, The Abduction

So, I have a question. In this episode, Michael goes to a restaurant with Alice and they inadvertantly meet Sydney and Will. Alice knows Sydney as Rita, and so everyone but Alice plays the alias game. Except a while back, Sydney had been weeping about her double life to Michael, and Michael goes, "I understand," and she's like, "No, you don't. *You* can tell all your friends you're CIA," etc etc. So why does Alice think he's at the State Department? That makes no sense, right? Or am I missing something?