March 13th, 2005



I dreamed I was interviewing for a position of Hollywood body double. As part of my interview I had to read from a script in Latin. I was being tested on how well I could read an unknown language with emotion and inflections that actually matched the content--would I simply sound out the words, or would I be able to say them convincingly? Afterwards they critiqued me. "You got more serious as you read. It was supposed to be funny."

But I don't. Know. Latin. I said.

I also dreamed that I was late for class yet again and that I had to fold and pack all of my brother's clothes. Some nights? My dreams really suck.

I can tame oxygen!

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I am restlessly cycling through this and that. I sit down to write donation fic, get off four lines, get back up, wander to living room, sit and watch ten minutes of TV, repeat. I did however clean my apartment today, inspired by katallison's example. And now I'm going to eat an orange. And also some chocolate.
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