March 4th, 2005


Friday restlessness.

That's it. That's the entirety of this post. Friday restlessness. Tell me what's on your restless mind today and when I get back from my wandering lunch I'll reply with what's on mine. :)

bad horror movies...

...are wonderful. I watched most of Fallen, and am now watching Halloween: H20. If Jack Davenport is my celebrity boyfriend, then Jamie Lee Curtis is my eternal celebrity girlfriend. That lean, boyish woman is a spoonful of hotness. One of those elegant but incredibly generous spoonfuls, and a rich mouthful of peanut butter besides. Yum.

I've got Alien Versus Predator selected via On Demand. I've watched part of it, but didn't follow much of the "plot" because I was diddling around online at the same time. I need to record it and finish watching later. I know this is an awkwardly timed comment (Buffy kerfuffle-wise), but can I just say: when I saw that the main character was a competent, matter-of-fact black woman, who kicked things off by climbing alone up an ice cliff in the middle of nowhere (!), I squeed like crazy!

I still want to watch the original Anaconda sometime soon, and I may rewatch The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra later tonight, for, like, the ninth time, because it's not possible to watch that movie too many times.

Can I randomly rec Deep Blue Sea, by the way? It falls into the genre of Giant Shark Movies. A great giant-creature genre. It is deeply fun. *g*