February 15th, 2005


tuesday miscellany

I feel better and am back at work. But I feel (weirdly) guilty because I wasn't as sick as other people in the office, some of whom I'm learning were also out at the same time. :>P Screw it. I needed rest.

My Angel S4 and S5 DVDs arrived at the same time. I think I'll watch all of S4 before I dip my toes in the waters of S5. I'm nervous. I stopped watching S5 at "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" because I was feeling anxious about Spike's characterization and didn't want to lose my love. I was tired of the slick hair and duster; I wanted Spike's soul arc to go somewhere new and meaningful (I always wanted him to be a *little* more retro-Williamy, which is why I had some issues with BtVS S7 as well); and seeing JM grow older, post-40, was freaking me out more and more. But we'll see how it goes.

I want to do the character meme that's going around. Maybe later today. I respect people who can come up with an interesting meme and make a success of it, so go you, to whoever started this one.

I appreciate all the feedback on recent stories; it's definitely helped me keep the momentum on writing. I'm keen to make more progress on my donation stories. I think I have five or six left. And I used the kick-start on noir to write some more on the next story, though I'm a bit stuck at the moment, so I hate to raise people's hopes or anything. My god. I feel like it'll be ten years to finish it, if I ever do finish it. It's so lame of me. I'm sorry.

My new job starts Thursday. I'm hopeful that I'll be challenged but not overwhelmed.

I emit waves and particles of post-Valentine's love to everyone on my flist and friends-of list. ::love:: And, um...that's all. I lunch now.

dvd night

I prepare to start watching S4 Angel. On the box, dude, he looks so smirky, as if he's saying, "Shyeahh, right" to some comment offscreen.

My DVD player is about a year old and already dying. You know that absurd thing you see people do in movies and on TV, where they bitch-slap the side of a machine and it starts to work? My DVD player actually does that.

Anna to DVD player, with impotent fists of rage: I will keeeelllll you! Keeeellllll!

It does not shiver in fear. Someday it will regret its insolence.

Angel: I may get spammy...

The opening of "Deep Down" where Angel is all warm and fuzzy and nearly choked up with happiness with love for everyone makes me go, "Woobie!" Especially knowing that it's all a dream and he's deep under the sea, buried alive.

And the first moment we see Wes, where he leans forward at the table to propose a toast, sliding from shadow into light--that is breathtaking cinematography. Holy shit, that's so perfect I had to watch it five times.

"To family."

Oh sweet Jesus.
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Oh yeah...

When did my love for Angel, the series, reach its all-time peak? Ditto my love for Wes? When he opened the door of his closet in "Deep Down" to reveal Justine, caged there, gagged, having been there all the time he was fucking Lilah.

I am toast.