February 6th, 2005


SG: Tin Man

This episode pushes the envelope on angst. It's hard for me to watch towards the end. I don't come close to crying or anything, but my chest gets tight and my mind shies away nervously from the emotions and existential implications. I think in rewatching this is actually magnified by having read The Cost of a Used Spaceship and also knowing what's going to eventually happen in canon to synthetic Daniel. I want to reread the above story but I don't think I can right now. It'd be too much: emotional oversaturation. Gah.

I've watched "New Ground," "Maternal Instinct," "Crystal Skull," "Hathor," and "There But for the Grace of God" also. I'm thinking next: "1969," "The Broca Divide," "Urgo," "The Torment of Tantalus," and--if I can stand it--"Double Jeopardy." I've seen "2010" and "Absolute Power" fairly recently and I don't need to watch "A Hundred Days" or "Shades of Grey" again at the moment. I only have up through season five--any other suggestions?

ETA: Ooh, must watch "Legacy" before anything else. Schizo!Daniel. Yay!

oh yeah...

I really am a textbook case for PMS just about every month.

* Sudden incomprehensible tiredness? check.
* Urgent need for cake? check.

And then IT strikes, and I'm like, ohhhhh, that explains it.
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You know, sometimes I watch the promos for TV shows, filled with blatant mass-marketed het, and I think: No! No no no! I am not going to watch another new show until someone gives me canonical homosexuality, damn it! I want more than subtext! I want sexy vampires boffing dark-haired boys, and Air Force colonels with yearning yens for science geeks! Yens that are consummated! In secret, maybe! But still! Consummated!
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