February 5th, 2005


Stargate: Upgrades

What a great episode--back when the show could crack me up, and every other glance between Jack and Daniel was saturated with slash. Plus Jack and Sam and Daniel in black leather, sneaking off base, getting into bar fights--it just doesn't get any better. (Though how anyone could look at Daniel's ripped muscles and call him "geek" is laughable.)

Jack: "We'll need snacks." Hee.

Boy, Sam's hair was scary back then.

SG help...

What is the name of the episode where the team travels to a strange planet being hit by an asteroid storm (I think), and then find the temple where Daniel thinks he's gained higher mental powers, but in fact it's the temporary gift of a large octopus-like creature of light. All of which was the forerunner of later eps like "Absolute Power," I think, plus his ascension arc. Mostly I remember the ep for Daniel's bare feet. Sigh. But I can't figure out which one this is even though I've gone through all S1-S5 DVD blurbs twice.

holy shit...

I just picked "Need" half at random because I truly remembered only the fluffiest, most amusing stuff--like Daniel all dressed in his pretty robes, swinging his legs on the dais. But god. This episode is SG at its best: the first few acts are funny, but with a dark thread running through it, harsh moments as when Daniel accuses Jack of never respecting him, and then when you think the entire ep will be set on the planet with SG-1 trying to get out of the mines and Daniel lording it up, he's like, "Oh yeah, we'll be leaving tomorrow." And they do! And instead of the ep being a simple escape plot, it twists and darkens and it's all about Daniel's sarcophagus addiction and the stuff it dredges up--brutally offhand comments about his wife, about how he's never felt at home on Earth, cruel jabs at Sam, and increasing violence that climaxes in the terrible beating of a guard and that amazing closet scene between him and Jack when he holds the gun on Jack (not to forget that earlier full-body tackle when Jack lands astride Daniel on the clinic bed to pin him down, by the way) and Jack confesses to understanding drug addiction and Daniel cries in his arms while Jack rocks him.


Now I remember why I got so feverish about this show at one time.
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SG: The Light

I love how this episode starts mid-story. That's just so well *done*, such a great economy. They don't show the initial trip to the Light planet--they kick right off with the soldier's suicide, Daniel wanting desperately to get back to the planet, Jack seeing someone's shadow on the video, and Daniel's own suicide attempt soon after, all before we actually see the planet and the Light itself. So great.

I've never been completely sold on RDA's line reads as he tries to talk Daniel off the ledge. He's obviously trying to get across that Jack is downplaying the seriousness, going for casual so that he doesn't escalate matters. But midway through he kind of loses steam in a way that doesn't seem at all reassuring. Given the other soldier's suicide and Daniel's behavior, he should be freaking the fuck out and trying very hard to hide it, rather than sounding rather tired and resigned. Granted, he goes and grabs Daniel eventually but it never sits well with me no matter how many times I rewatch it. I'm always left unsatisfied.

But there will be other good things on the menu tonight.