February 2nd, 2005


gasp, gurgle.

The saga of my job offering is drawing to a close. I attempted position and salary negotiation, which didn't pan out, but I'm taking the offer, as the money is really quite a significant bump and it's a tech position, and it's all good. The level thing bugs me a bit, because if I stayed in my current position I'm pretty assured of promotion in just a few more months, which brings additional stock. But I've been told I'd be eligible for consideration again in November in this new position, so, eh. It also, perversely enough, appeases my inner slacker--a more ego-uncertain creature in the tradition of ego-uncertain women--who doesn't necessarily want more responsibility to live up to.

So I am happy. *g*

The money will not quite come in time for me to manage Escapade expenses, so despite my supposedly firm, concrete, very bricklike intention of finally attending again this year, I've decided not to. But maybe with extra discretionary $, I can visit some of you guys later in the year.

And I will buy a yacht of course. And possibly a villa in the south of France. *fans self contemplatively*