January 25th, 2005



firesignwriter linked to some pictures of Jack Davenport from Coupling, many of which make me very happy. (Though he does have a way, like most actors, of being caught in Dork!Cam.)

Ever since watching Anchorman (movie: meh) I've been listening to Jonathan Edwards's "Sunshine." I love when you hear these songs that you remember from when you were young, and you get a chance to relove them. Sometimes, that's all movies are good for--their soundtracks. I love soundtracks.

Speaking of songs, does anyone want to give me a late b-day present by yousenditing (you-sending-it?) a copy of "The Mountain" by Dave & Tracy? I will make puppy eyes.

Things I ate last night included: raw tuna on crostini, skewers of lamb, beef, chicken, and prawns, and duck in little buns. First time for raw tuna, lamb, and duck. They were all good. The ducks! The lambs! I have eaten of them. So sad, but so tasty.

Rec: Sparrow/Norrington, Full Moon

Could I love firesignwriter any more than I do at this very moment? Well, she has more stories, so probably, yes.

Full Moon

Read it--it's canon! I mean, if you'd only sat in the theater until after the credits, you'd have seen all this bonus material. Aren't you sad you didn't? But now you can read it!

[ETA: I sound dorky when I get all excited, don't I? Yeah. That's what I thought. *g*]
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