January 18th, 2005


rec of the day: The Importance of Being Brian (B/J)

So I was hunting for something in my docs folder at work--a story to read--so that I didn't have to surf LJ or the web, because, you know, I wanted to read something, but not be obvious about it, in case anyone walked by my cubicle. (It's raining today and I've heard nothing about a job yet and it's mid-afternoon and it feels like Wednesday but it's not, alas, alack, I need fan-fiction.) Anyway, I found a story on my drive that I was sure I'd read before, because I recognized the title and most of what I save to drive is stuff I've read, but when I re-read it (maybe) it seemed fresh, like a first-time read, so I don't know, maybe I stashed it and then, quite horribly, forgot about it. But today! Today I read it, and my god: this kicks ass so hard it takes my breath away. I mean it's *so* fucking good, so dead-on in voice and detail: utterly Justin, utterly Brian, and so utterly canon that I suspect that Julad actually writes for the show. You guys with your secret identities--it must be tough!

I am not quite jealous of Julad's masterful writing here, because I don't write in QAF, but if I did write in QAF, I'd have to hire an assassin to eliminate her as competition, because--well, I won't belabor the obvious, except to say all good writers must be killed.

The Importance of Being Brian