January 17th, 2005



So I was channel surfing and paused when I saw The Hustler, and I thought, "Hey, they filmed my old Mulder/Skinner story!" which is, perhaps, one of the classic signs that you should step away from the mouse and take a break from the fan-fiction.

Further up on the cable scale I came across There Must Be a Pony. By the same association of thoughts, I'm thinking that somewhere out there is My Little Pony porn waiting to be discovered. No, no--thank you, no links are necessary.

The comments on Luna's post made me remember that I've wondered for a quite a while about tentacle porn. For those of you nervously edging your chairs away from the computer, I'll cut-tag. Some explicit stuff behind the green door.

Collapse )


I'm possibly less than 24 hours away from finding out if I have a job offer, though it'll probably be more like 48. Or possibly seventeen years. Whatever. From now until whenever it is I'm basically just one giant jiggling collection of nerves. Luckily I discovered that scribblinlenore has a collection of--well, a few dozen, but they appear multiplied in my desperate eyes by about a thousand--a few thousand Smallville stories I haven't yet read. How is that possible? I don't know. But they're here.

There is no mood icon for my current mood. It involves anxiety, chicken, porn, the sound of water running through pipes, an airplane landing, and the absence of cats.

*wanders off*