January 16th, 2005


the reward for insomnia

Not the *cure* for insomnia, but the beautiful, happy reward of having wandered back out to my computer at four a.m. Because I discovered that runpunkrun had secretly smuggled a half-naked Clark into my apartment and left him drinking milk in my kitchen. She is a good, good person. She also reposted a link to The Milk and Cookies War (Clark/Lex), which I hadn't had a chance to read yet, and this is the kind of story you squee over and have to quote lines of:
"Lex," Clark says, standing behind him. "It hurts me to say this, because you have a brilliant mind, but that ham just outsmarted you. Maybe you shouldn't help."


It's a shame none of these people work for him anymore because he wants to fire them again, harder this time.


The doors close. Lex stares at his reflection. There's a bald man holding a cranberry walnut scone. He sighs and takes a bite.


"...lean hog futures," Lionel pauses for a breath. "Are you listening to me, son?"

"Not really," Lex says.

"I can tell when I'm not wanted," Lionel sniffs, apparently operating under the delusion that Lex has amnesia and can't remember the last twenty-seven years of his life.
The last quote started its own section of the story, which multiplies its hilarity for me by at least 79%. Or maybe I mean 179%. I'm not good at math.

All this and Rothko. She must be read. I am happy, happy, happy. And too awake! But I'm going to go back to bed and switch channels and think about Jack Davenport for a while and maybe someday sleep again.

quick battlestar galactica question

There are two eps on tonight, I see--"33" and "Water." Are these the first two episodes following the previous miniseries? I can't find a good resource listing the eps in order; SciFi.com is so annoying in how it privileges flashy graphics over content.

ETA: Thank you! *squee* I can now catch up with the watching!

writing update, tenterhooks

I am keeping track of my list of contribution/donation fiction I need to write; at this point I have to admit I could be writing faster. I did very little this weekend, and I apologize to everyone who's waiting. I feel like I've been on hold for the last ten days or so waiting to hear about this new job. I have a lot riding on it. A lot a lot a lot. *breathes* The interviewers are meeting Tuesday for application review; I think it was probably the first time they could coordinate their schedules, but it's longer than I thought I'd have to wait before knowing anything. :>P

No spoilers here, but just to say: Battlestar Galactica is quite good so far; I wonder if Callum Keith Rennie will be back. Gaius still amuses me. I feel like he's an amalgam of a dozen other characters I've known, not all of which I could name. He is always striking these familiar notes, but I've never seen the actor in anything else. Overall I love the tone of the show--its charcoal grey palette and low lights, a shadowy darkness of atmosphere both physical and emotional that I hope will linger.

And, based on the promos they're running, I see that SG-1 is returning next Friday, apparently without Daniel. I can't imagine my observation is a spoiler. Does anyone know what's up? I haven't really been following pre-season news.

It is Sunday night and I am boring.
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