January 10th, 2005


it's all about the naptime.

LJ is quiet--too quiet. Come on, come on! Amuse me like the clever little monkeys you are! (Speaking of which, whatever happened to those small plastic monkeys with S-shaped curved arms? Didn't they come in a little yellow barrel, as a game?)

I'm unable to pull myself from the muck of midafternoon doziness or get anything done at work. Three shots of espresso didn't help much. I'm just diddling around and wishing I were asplee. Or even asleep.

When I made my muffin post, savoytruffle gave the link to a site of muffin films. I've watched "Hungry" and "Muffinesque" and "Beware"--they are all hilarious.

Well, I appear to be taking a concall now about the proper relationship of merchant branding to corporate public relations. Bye-bye, love. Bye-bye, happiness.