January 6th, 2005



I'm going to be kind of flaky and mundane in my topics for the next few days, I think. I had my first interview this morning--thank you guys so much for your encouraging comments! They really helped. :>) The interview was with a moderately high-level manager I'd worked with before on cross-team issues; we've always had a comfortable relationship.

It went well, I think. This is the first time I've sat and talked with him at length, in person. He's a jittery kind of guy, apparently (a leg jiggler) but it seems to be his nature, not anything particular to this occasion. It relaxed me rather than making me jittery too. I felt calm. He had some questions, I had some questions, we talked a bit about subjects on which we shared common ground, business wise. He sort of ran out of questions midway through, and concluded--later, as we were walking out the door--by calling this more of an "informational" session. I got the impression that I didn't have much competition, that I'm pretty much his only choice. That's encouraging.

On the other hand, I would still be biting my nails today if they weren't buried under several neurotically applied coats of nail polish. (Last night: *paint*paint*paint* "Argh! I've smudged it! *add three new coats to cover it up, then to all other nails to keep things even* "Argh! I've smudged another!" *repeat process*)

I continue to type out notes, and to drill things into my head (information, not ketamine, I mean; I'm not Mulder).

There is a giant terrifying biscotti on my desk. Make it go away!