January 5th, 2005


so nervous...

I'm prepping for my SEVEN interviews. (I should put that in blinking text.) My first interview got moved up to 9:00 tomorrow morning. *squeak*

I made a list of all the knowledge areas I can bring to the position, and sent an e-mail to the hiring manager to ask if this list would be a useful talking point tool for the interviewing team. I don't know if this is pushy or not--I couched the offer in careful terms. But it's just that as I was making the list for my own reference I realized just *how much* I can bring to the job, stuff that's just too much to get across in your standard interview anecdote, but too much detail for a resume.

I'm trying to write out all sorts of examples to common questions too, for reference for myself--notes. I know that otherwise I won't have good examples on the tip of my tongue. There's so much I've done in six years that, once I've done it, I don't think about it again. As I make lists, I realize I've done rather a lot. And so much of it is undocumented or uncodified as a formal process or task.


So nervous. This could be such a great opportunity.