January 1st, 2005


Spike/Angel rec

Stealing this rec from estepheia, for whom it was written. I don't rec S/A all that often, but this was amazingly cool and different.

In the Rough (part 1 & part 2) by sangpassionne, a human AU Western.

Some people say that human AUs in the Jossverse invalidate the characterizations and can't be done, but I thumb my nose at them (and then do a little monkey dance so they won't hold a grudge). This was just neat, and hot, and though I'm never a great expert on historical fiction, this felt very solidly grounded in details to me. And it makes me happy, despite its angsty and often dark nature, because at the heart of it, it has some of the emotional dynamics that I like when I do like S/A.

Yay! So much great fiction this past week. Again, yay.
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oh what the wild hey...

Other people may want to read these, so I'll post to mention at least the longer ones.

One Night for rubywisp, Xander/Lindsey, 2000 words

Read it here.

(By the way, if anyone notices typos or oddities in a story, feel free to let me know. I'm afraid I'll move on to the next story and not notice something and it makes me nervous. So, corrections very welome!)


I decided to open the bottle of holiday champagne my boss had given me. My understanding is that a really good bottle of champagne does not pop wildly off as in the movies, and though I have no idea of quality, I had hopes that I'd been given something decent. The little protective wire mesh holding the cork in scared me a bit, but I worked it off and then began thumbing the cork cautiously, and all of a sudden--


It was like a gun being shot off--the cork ricocheted off the wall and disappeared somewhere behind my TV set, leaving my ears ringing.

I should have done that about 24 hours ago as the fireworks were going off.


My ears. are. *ringing*.