October 15th, 2004


what is the sound of a yawn?

Horrible dream last night. I dreamed that there was a mouse loose in my apartment, scuttling along the ceilings. When I caught it, I had to kill it, so I squeezed it to death and blood came from its mouth. Later, I dreamed that another mouse got down my back. I panicked wildly and dropped onto my back, trying to crush it, but whenever I eased up I could feel its little teeth and claws and wriggles. ::shudder::

Mouse = musculus = muscles. Not sure what that means.

Later, I dreamed that vampires were on the loose. Our next-door neighboor was sitting on his steps, in the very doorway a vampire had just passed through. He's Norwegian, we observed to each other. Those phlegmatic Norwegians. When we started to worry whether the neighbors had become vampires, I said, Well, they have that Norwegian temperament. They might be calm vampires. We peered through the curtained window of our kitchen door, across the alley to their house. Their door was open and the man and his wife were rolling around on a bed together. Then we realized there was also a vampire in the bed, with emaciated limbs and powdery, cracking skin. That was rather terrible.

Tracey Ullman's son turned into a vampire, too, but I'm afraid I can't remember much about that.

quick photoshop help

For something at work I need to know how to create the effect you see where a picture blurs into a white background at the edges in an artistic way. I don't have any immediate examples to offer, but it's just a softer way to present a picture as part of a page, without hard/harsh edges. I think it's feathering, but when I try to follow the Photoshop instructions using the related options, nothing actually happens. Save me from banging my head on the desk, please?

::kneels and makes pleading gesture to the fannish skies::